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Mojave & Alfred Theme Switcher workflow (with Dark Mode toggle and Accent Colors chooser)

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August 2020 edit:


I'm now working on a Big Sur edition of this theme collection!

To get a native look and feel, we will need one more option from Alfred's theming engine:

Round corners for the highlighted search result 🙂


I'm making this case in this tweet, please RT/Like if you'd like to see this happen:



Thanks 🙏




Hello there!


Here is a new Mojave & Alfred Theme Switcher workflow intended to work with a collection of theme inspired by the new macOS Mojave UI Accent Colors.


With the "theme" command, you can either toggle between the Dark & Light version of your currently selected theme, or switch to another Alfred Accent Color.

Just remember to install all the themes if you want to be able to try every variant!


I hope you'll enjoy it ;)


Preview :





Get it here:

>>> https://github.com/AlexMartinFR/mojave-alfred-accented-themes

Edited by AlexMartinFR
Announcing the Big Sur edition!
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