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I have searched high and low...  If I use spotlight on a file keyword search it finds say 679 results.  While using the find command in Alfred the same search yields 16 results.  What am I doing wrong?

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Alfred uses significantly more refined searches to find files, so you will see different results in Spotlight vs Alfred. A few examples of this:


- Alfred separates searching within files to the 'in' keyword.

- Alfred doesn't include the entire contents of your home Library folder by default


Is there a specific file Alfred isn't finding which you are expecting? This may be a better place to get started if Alfred isn't returning the results you are expecting.


Here is the help page for file search in Alfred for a bit more info, and some advanced options for navigating your file system:





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Thanks for the direction.  I was able to get it to work as expected and am now receiving "result limit 40" results.

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