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Reveal in Finder not working

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I've developed an issue with searching for files. When I find a file I want in Alfred, and hit the corresponding key (option in my case) to show the 'Reveal in Finder' option, nothing happens when I hit the Return key. Before, it would open in the Finder. I can't work out what has changed... or if there's a flag I am missing. My Return key works fine otherwise in OSX, and I am using the latest version of Alfred. 


Any suggestions? :)

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@stephenmcleod Could you please take a look at Console and see whether there are any error messages relating to Alfred or Finder that might shed some light? Also, have you at any point used a Finder alternative like TotalFinder, Pathfinder, etc? This could result in an issue where macOS doesn't actually know what should be performing the action.



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