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Workflow to start and quit app at intervals

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I have set up all my work email accounts in Outlook for Mac. I would love a workflow in Alfred that would open Outlook automatically at 7 am in the morning and automatically quit it at 5 pm. 


Is this possible in Alfred? Or does anyone know of any other apps where such a workflow would be possible?


Thanks ? 

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16 hours ago, cands said:

I also think Keyboard Maestro could be a good alternative.


Keyboard Maestro is a paid app, and is definitely overkill for such a simple task. Especially since there are free apps that can do it just as well or better.


@andreasl For your specific case, the commands you’d have to tell Lingon to run would be something like osascript -e 'tell application "Outlook" to activate' and osascript -e 'tell application "Outlook" to quit'. Outlook may not be the exact name of the application (that you’ll have to check yourself, as I don’t use it), but the rest of the code should work.

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