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[SOLVED] Workflow to control Fenetre application

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There is a mac app fenetre using which we can make any window and youtube videos at the frontmost app. 

However, the keyboard shortcuts there works only when the frontmost app is fenetre. 


How to make the keyboard control make universal using Alfred workflow?


For example, <alt-cmd-right> moves the fenetre window to right side. But it only works only when that app is highlighted.


I would like to make it universal.


If it is very time consuming to get all the keyboard controls of fenetre, I would like only to get the movement controls. e.g. only <alt-cmd-right> moves fenetre window right.


Thanks a lot.


I have shared my preliminary workflow here.





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@vitor  Thanks, now I can move the Fentere in the desktop corners.


I have one follow up question.


When I set up hot key to open Finder file to open with Fenetre, it does takes the file to the menu of Fenetre, I manuall need to go to Fenetre and click the menubar.


Can it be made single workflow a) puts the file to the menubar of Fenetre 2) then opens it in Fenetre?


Thanks a lot!



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  • vitor changed the title to [SOLVED] Workflow to control Fenetre application

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