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Clipboard getting started workflow doesn't replace it's variables

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If I put "hello" into my clipboard 


then I enable the getting started clipboard workflow, then run "mergeclipboard" one of the commands in that workflow via Alfred I'll have this printed to my active window:


{clipboard:2}, {clipboard:1}...



The placeholder values are not being replaced with their actual values


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@slifin Apologies for the slow response - looks like I missed your post. Could you please let me know where you're typing "mergeclipboard", and whether you have a sufficient number of items in your clipboard?


You need to have


  1. Clipboard History enabled under Features > Clipboard
  2. A minimum of four items in your clipboard history (since clipboard:1 is offset by one, clipboard:0 is the current clipboard content)
  3. To type "mergeclipboard" into Alfred (as it's a keyword object, not a snippet trigger).


It will then paste the results to the frontmost application, provided a suitable text field has focus. I've tested this on Mojave and it's working as expected so let me know if you're still having issues after taking a look at the essential points above :)



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Specified Clipboard History needs to be active

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