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Icons are not showing properly

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So I have two machines both upgraded from High Sierra to Mojave


Both machines are used regularly and have been turned off and restart a few times with plenty of login and logouts. 


One machine is showing icons normally, one is not.


I have even tried to re-index using spotlight still no luck.


Alfred was installed normally (not using brew)

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It didn't help for me though, I've rebuild spotlight twice already, both times giving it over a day to test, but still no app icons in alfred. How can I help debug?

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@szymon_k Could you please send the following database file to our info@ email address so that we can take a look at what it contains?


~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Databases/filecache.alfdb


We'd like to take a look and see if it might provide some insight into this issue. :)



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Thanks to @szymon_k's information via email, it highlighted something I'd missed from the metadata output posted on the previous page. The kMDItemContentType for applications missing their icons was "com.apple.application-file" and not the correct "com.apple.application-bundle".


The UTI defines that "com.apple.application-file" is for an Application file (traditionally older single-file carbon based apps), and not modern Application Bundles (multi file packages as you'd see for all modern applications).


This is undoubtedly a bug hiding somewhere in Mojave, and something which seems to resolve itself over time.


All is not lost though... I've just put 3.7.1 b944 pre-release which works around this Mojave bug, so the icons will be shown and the apps will be cached by Alfred! You can update to the latest pre-release in Alfred's Update preferences.




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