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Remote Use on 2 Computers?

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I just got the remote and it set up to my one laptop fine, but the second one just won't connect. Am I able to us more than 1 computer with this remote?

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I thought it would but I got to work on one computer but on the other it just keeps trying to load an never does. Thanks for the reply

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@terryzx You should be able to have as many Macs set up to connect to your Remote as you like, but your Alfred Remote can only be connected to one Mac at the time.


Take a look at the troubleshooting guide if you're not sure why your second Mac might not be connecting:



Let us know how you get on :)



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Oh I see. I was expecting to see a list of computer an then choose the one I wanted to control. Would be better with a list to choose a particular computer. Thanks for you answer.

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