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Alfred pastes the same snippet multiple times


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Hi guys!


The bug is as in the title.


I have no other text-expanders installed.


A reboot fixes the issue, but it gradually re-appears over the next day.


I've tried increasing the clipboard delay to 0,9 seconds to no avail.


Running alfred 3.7 on 10.14 on a 13" MBA 2012.


Any tips? ?




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@ryqiem Alfred's snippets text expansion is quite straightforward, so there's likely some interference from a third-party somewhere.


When the issue occurs, does it occur for any/all snippets or only some specific ones? And how many times is "multiple times"? Twice or more?


In terms of what the interference could be:

  • Could you check the macOS built-in text expansion for any snippets there? (System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts)
  • Do you use a non-Apple keyboard? 
  • Do you use keyboard modifier apps like remappers, etc?

Let me know how you get on with the above :)





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I'm having the same issue (created a forum account just for this). 


I have some built-in snippets, but they do not conflict with my Alfred snippets. Could they still be causing the issue? Must I delete all my built-in snippets?


I also see similar behavior: I have to reboot or quit Alfred and restart so that the snippet behavior is normal again.

  • I do not use any other text expanders.
  • I have an Apple Keyboard (MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) UK version). 
  • I do not use any keyboard modifier apps 

Thanks for the help : )

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@sarimabbas A few more questions:


* If you open Activity Monitor, can you please check whether there are multiple instances of Alfred? If so, it's likely that a workflow is force-launching a second instance of Alfred, so could you please take a look at your workflows and share any (or at least names of any) that could be telling Alfred to launch, e.g. by script?

* If you change the keyword for your snippet, do you get one or more expansions?


Let me know how you get on :)



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Thank you for your response Vero!


Yes indeed, there are multiple instances of Alfred on Activity Monitor.


I could not seem to pinpoint which workflow was causing the trouble. I had a suspicion it was an emoji workflow, which I have deleted. I'll post an update here if I do not encounter the problem again in the next few days. 


Thanks for the help : )

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