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Detect os x el capitan dark mode / light mode switch

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I recently purchased Alfred and so far I like it very much!

One little point bother me although : i am running os x el capitan with f.lux software. When the sun goes down/up it does switch on/off the night os x mode.

My problem is that when it does happen alfred theme isn't switched accordingly.

Therefore, here comes my question: would it be possible to someone how detect an os x theme switch so that I can change alfred theme with a workflow?


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Welcome @rider45,


There are a bunch of Workflows to change modes and Alfred’s theme. If you need something more specific, those are the places to ask.


It should be possible to know when the system changes modes, but not from Alfred. By design, Alfred’s action must be explicitly called.

Also, [HOW TO] is reserved for posts that teach how to do something, not questions.

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