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Allow pasting from Alfred Clipboard into Alfred Prompt

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I'd love to be able touse the Alfred Clipboard History when typing into the Alfred Prompt.


Oftentimes I want to paste a value I copied a couple of "copy"-actions ago, instead of the latest one, into the Alfred prompt.


Here's a typical use case:


  - I copy text I want to search for using a custom web search (say, a jira issue key)

  - I do some other work, copy a piece of code, etc.

  - then I want to use my Jira custom Web Search

  - I open the Alfred Prompt

  - I type in my custom web search prefix ("jira ")

  - I open the Alfred Clipboard History, and trigger the proper history entry for my jira issue key

  - Instead of going back to the Alfred Prompt, with my jira issue key completed, my Jira issue key gets pasted in the frontmost app

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