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Snippets not working on Imac

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I run Alfred 3.7 on both my IMac (os 10.13.5) and Macbook.  


I mainly use Alfred for the snippets.  I've created many.  And they all disappeared from Alfred on Both Computers preferences.  They still work on the Macbook when I press the hotkeys, but not at all on the Imac.  I also tried copying the preferences from the Macbook to the Imac but that didn't work.  Then I tried changing sync settings to a shared dropbox folder.  That didn't work either.


Thanks for the help!

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Hi @IloveComputers82 Could you please let me know whether you're syncing your preferences, and if so, what service you used prior to moving them to a Dropbox folder?


Do you backup your Mac using Time Machine?


The more details you can provide, the more easily I'll be able to help you recover your snippets. :)



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Hi Vero,

Currently it's set to the dropbox folder (On my macbook, as of a moment ago-- it wasn't set to anything before, just locally).  .  I don't have time machine backups, but I do have a copy of all Alfred preferences I made back when it was working.


I tried putting the backed up preferences in the dropbox, but that didn't work, and I'm still unable to use the snippets.

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@IloveComputers82 When you say you "tried putting the backed up preferences in the dropbox", how did you do this? Please ensure you're not manually moving preferences files, otherwise there's a good likelihood something will go amiss.


The first step is to work out whether your snippets preferences file is complete. The best way to do this is for you to email me a copy of your full Alfred.alfredpreferences file on our info@ address, provided you're happy sharing this with me. I'll then confirm that your snippets collections are there. 


Please provide any additional screenshots to clarify what you're seeing in the preferences. Are all of your preferences being reset to defaults?


We can then work out what setup steps may have be missing on your Macs specifically, as snippets don't disappear without manual intervention or the preferences being moved or removed from the location Alfred expects.



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