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Unable to select syncing folder on second Mac

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I just upgraded to Alfred 3, and was able to sync my preferences on my first Mac (10.14) without a hitch. However, when I try to set the sync folder on the second Mac (also 10.14), the folder in Dropbox where my preferences are located is unselectable -- it is greyed out. The folder name is "apps." Again, I tried syncing on my second Mac, but the folder was greyed out. I set it up on my first Mac with no problems, but then was still unable to sync with my second Mac because the folder in not selectable. Any ideas why I would be able to sync on one but not the other?



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9 minutes ago, Augustine said:

The folder name is "apps."


Don't use that folder. It's "reserved" for registered apps that use the Dropbox API (as opposed to just using the local filesystem to write to the Dropbox folder).


It's likely greyed out because Alfred doesn't want you to use that folder because you're not supposed to.

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23 minutes ago, Augustine said:

Why is it working on one, but not the other?


Alfred didn't always blacklist the "Apps" directory. I did a quick search and there's a proper explanation on the Alfred website. You can force Alfred to allow it, but at your own risk.


The general TL;DR is "don't put any of your own stuff in the Apps folder".



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