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Google translate workflow

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hm, can´t find it „No translation found!“ it says …

What´s wrong?? Or isn´t it german - english?


thx for reply


Nope, Google changed their API, the current workflow will not work anymore. The good news is: I’ve patched my workflow to use the new Google Translate URL syntax; the basic functionality, i.e. single term translations, is thus functional again. Being rather constrained for time, I will leave implementing a multi-sentence patch to the reader (PRs welcome, external interpreters need not apply). Grab the revised workflow at the repo.


It looks like Translate Shell (which used the same path) found a new way to use it. It should easily be adaptable. So this means that they didn't close it; they just changed it....


Thanks to Shawn Rice for the above link, and to GitHub user @g0to for bringing this to my attention


In the future, please follow their example and open an issue on the repo for problems to ensure I can react swiftly – I barely ever visit the Alfred forums, but I keep close tabs on my repositories and their issue trackers.


EDIT: just pushed a quick update that fixes handling of multi-word (not multi-sentence) translation queries, which I broke when refactoring for the new API. Apologies to everybody who suffered from that – please download the updated version.

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