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Alfred's launch hotkey no longer toggles, only activates? Alfred 3.7 / macOS 10.14.1


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In the past I've been able to use the hotkey to toggle the visibility of Alfred. This has been handy as I've got the main hotkey mapped to my caps lock key via Karabiner. A single tap to make it show/hide is quite handy.


Since updating to Mojave however I've noticed that the main hotkey only makes Alfred appear, but not go away. Not sure if this is a feature change or a bug, but thought I'd make a note of it.


I've tested this with different hotkey combinations and with Karabiner completely unloaded to confirm it's unrelated to that.


Alfred 3.7

macOS 10.14.1


has anyone else experienced this ?

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Hi @shortbread  I've tested this on Mojave, and the behaviour is as expected (toggling to show and hide), so I'd suggest creating a temporary user account on your Mac where Karabiner and any hotkey modifiers aren't running, to confirm that you're seeing the normal behaviour.



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