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Problem with localization of date snippets [Bug in macOS Mojave]


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Since version 3.7, I guess Alfred stopped localizing date snippets. 

My system is in French. 


I have created a snippet, with the keyword ldate :  {date:yyyy/MM/dd'} {date:EEEE}


In earlier versions of Alfred, it used to return 2018/11/14 Mercredi, with date:EEEE using the current UI language. 

Since version 3.7, it returns 2018/11/14 Wednesday. The language is no longer taken into account. 



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I have the same problem with Swedish not being honoured.

Further, writing an Applescript like

set theDate to the current date

display dialog "Today is: " & theDate

performs OK if executed in "my" environment and results in "Today is: fredag 16 november 2018 14:55:43", but moving it e.g. to DEVONthink scripting area (~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts) and activating it from within DEVONthink results in "Today is: Friday, 16 November 2018 at 14:57:04".

Same thing with TextExpander.

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@jlfenaux @gul-iMac Alfred passes the date handling to macOS, and has no knowledge of the localised name for days. This is why you're seeing the same issue in DevonThink and TextExpander.


Could you please let me know which version of macOS you're using? This appears to be a bug in Mojave, as I can see the same issue (non-localised days) on our Mojave Mac but the days are localised as expected on an older OS.



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I'm on 10.14.2 β3, but I believe its been like this at least on all 10.14 but I have had a mail-conversation with Smile that started Nov 11, 2017 and at that date I was on 10.13.2 β (17C67b) (identical problem with my TextExpander snippets).

I do recall that the behaviour was happening with the β-releases and eventually got fixed with the public-release. However, I'm almost sure it never worked on 10.14.


Best regards


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