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[SOLVED] Help playing an entire album from miniPlayer

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I feel like I'm losing my mind: I can't figure out how to queue up an entire album from the mini player. Whenever I search albums, they show up but my only option is to select them, which dives into the album and only allows me to select a single song. Even if I pick the first track in the album, it stops playing after it finishes. Can someone PLEASE help?

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@remyvdp1 In Alfred's preferences, under Features > iTunes > Advanced, is the checkbox for "Predictability" checked? If so, can you see an Alfred Playlist being created in iTunes when you start playing an album? This is how Alfred can tell iTunes it wants to play the full album, so if you've unchecked it, you may find only the first song is playing.


Also, please check that Random track isn't enabled in iTunes itself for better predictability :)



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