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[SOLVED] Open Alfred's File Action Panel FROM Bash?

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Hi, I use ranger as my filemanager - ranger is a bash-filemanager, so interacting with Alfreds File-Selection Shortcut (Settings->Features->File Search->Actions->File Selection) does not work. Thats not a problem because I can call any script with selected files in ranger. It would be nice to open Alfreds Action Panel from bash in order to use Alfred to act on selected files. Is there a way to do that?

Example (from bash):


# "/Applications/Alfred\ 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Alfred\ 3" /path/to/my/selected/file1 /path/to/my/selected/file2 ...


Thanks a lot! 

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You can do it via Alfred’s AppleScript API. I’m on my phone atm, but the command is something like:


osascript -e “tell application \“Alfred 3\” to action \”$1\””


where $1 is the filepath.

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@zpete, I thought it could be great to point you to a related script I did for that (and more) so this can give you some more ideas...


Just have a look at this script and discussion: 


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