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Alfred doesn't re-focus properly into app running in background

Andreas Larsen

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  • Use any app — e.g. Safari
  • Start typing something in Safari address bar
  • Toggle Alfred with hotkey
  • Hit escape
  • BUG: Even though it looks like Safari regains focus I can't type anything until I reselect the Safari address bar with the mouse


Alfred 3.7
MacOS 10.14.1

Edited by Andreas Larsen
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@Andreas Larsen We've tested this on a couple of our Macs on Mojave, and can't replicate the issue you're describing. Alfred doesn't have control over this and it's down to macOS to give Safari focus back.


First, have you tried restarting your Mac to see if the issue goes away?


Secondly, do you have any Safari extensions/plugins that could be playing a part in this? You may want to try creating a new user account on your Mac temporarily, to see what behaviour you get with a vanilla profile. :)






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