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Previewing or Opening File in Photoshop

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Hi there! 


I wanted to ask if there is a way, with a button shortcut to have a file open in Photoshop? For example, I have jpegs automatically open in Photoshop by default through my Mac SysPrefs... but I still have pngs open in Preview. Is there a way to have a button to have it "open in... application" or just "open in Photoshop" as an option, like how we can press Shift or CMD to preview or open the file location? Thanks! 

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1 hour ago, deanishe said:

Sure. You can create your own workflow and launch it either via a Hotkey or Alfred's File Actions.


Use a Hotkey with Argument "Selection in macOS" and/or a File Action. Connect it/them to an "Open File" Action set to open the files in Photoshop.


Hm, how could I start setting this up? I've only ever set up a very basic workflow before. 

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