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adb workflow for Android developers

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ADB or Android Debug Bridge is linked to Alfred with this workflow.




GitHub release


I created this workflow because Android developers like me may need to connect to multiple devices at the same time, and it's painful to add `-s {serial}` every time when using adb for a simple feature.


Alfred Workflow is a great tool to show lists and options.


So here it is:






  • adb
  • aapt (optional, for showing local apk info before installation)



One keyword `adb`


  •  To list all connected devices.
  • `adb connect`, `adb disconnect`, `adb reset` are also in this level. 
  • WiFi devices will be saved for next time quick connection


  • Select one devices for its operations
  • Input commands like "shell dumpsys -l | grep wifi" in this level, to execute directly in terminal


  • Select "Show app list" to list installed apk, select one for further operations including force stop, launch, clear data and uninstall.


  • Select "Install apk" to search in local drive for apk files or folders to be (bulk) installed.
  • Currently installed version will be shown, and install operation "-t", "-d", "-g" are supported






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