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Launch apps from menu (like Siri Shortcut)

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[I'm sure this has been addressed before, but with keywords like "menu" and "launch", it's hard to search.]


I'm trying to design a launcher that will open apps from a menu choice, much like some Siri Shortcuts I have designed. An example might be:


A hotkey triggers a Games menu. A selection from the games menu will open the specific game.

Another hotkey would open a Utilities menu. Again, the selection from that menu would open the specific utility.

And so on...


I've been using Alfred for a very long time, but just have never gone into workflows. I'm sure this is simple, but I'm not clear on how to do it.


Your help is appreciated.



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Connect a Hotkey Trigger to a List Filter Input. Add items to the list with the names you want.


Then there’s a few options, depending on how the games are organised. If the games are all app bundles you can launch by double clicking in the Finder, an option is to have the Arg be the full path to it. Then connect that List Filter Input to a Run Script Action with open "${1}" in the Script box (leave everything else as the default).

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