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[SOLVED] How to use multiple subsequent list filters for 'open url' action with multiple keywords?

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Update: solved, see below

Hi, I'm new to Alfred workflows, and I'm trying to do the following. I'm using a list filter to quickly enter the admin url of WordPress websites we make. The keyword is 'wp-admin', and the List Filter is configured (for example) to let the Title 'client1' return the Arg https://www.client1.com/wp-admin/, and Title 'client2' would return the Arg https://www.client2.com/wp-admin. This works fine when I attach the 'Open URL' action to the list filter.


However, what I really want to do, is type a second command, for example 'posts' to visit the the url with edit.php attached to it, or upload.php to visit the media upload page.


Example: typing [wp-admin] [client1] [pages] would return https://www.client1.com/wp-admin/edit.php


I thought of using two list filters, each followed by an 'args and vars' element to save each query to a variable ('url' and 'type'), and end with an 'open url' that opens {var:url}{var:type}, but it doesn't work. Whenever I hit 'enter' after typing the client name (or selecting it from the dropdown) it fills the base url. See screenshots step1.png and step2.png. Also, here is a link to my example workflow. Who can help me out?


Update: solved it! In the var/arg box after the first list filter, I had to remove {query} from 'Argument' to prevent the query from being passed as a query to the next step - that's what caused it to paste the query into to the Alfred input field.





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solved it
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