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[SOLVED] Paste bookmark URL in active window

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Hi Alfred community,


I’m looking for a way to paste the URL of a Chrome bookmark into my active window.


Currently, when I want to share a URL to someone, I have to open the bookmark in Chrome, select the URL, copy it, go back to the messaging app where my friend is, and paste the URL.


Is there some trick I’ve overlooked? 🙂


The only related topic I found is this one (which suggests writing a script):


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Welcome @Habeneck,


Could you clarify how exactly you’d expect this work? So I’m imagining you’d:

  1. Invoke Alfred
  2. Type a keyword.
  3. Type something to filter for matching bookmarks.
  4. Press ↵ on the one you want, and have its URL paste into the active window.

Is that accurate? It should be possible to do with a Workflow, but since Alfred has a native feature for looking up bookmarks it might be better to request the option to copy/paste the selected bookmark with a modifier key.

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Hi all,


Thanks for your answers. 🙂


@vitor: yes, you summed it up correctly. The solution I had in mind was to request a feature for a modifier key (like ⇧+↵ for instance). But I wanted to make sure by posting it here first.


@Tsunami’s answer works nicely, though. Thanks for pointing it out! 😃


On 12/14/2018 at 8:15 PM, Tsunami said:

You can already use Cmd+C to copy a bookmark's URL in Alfred. It even closes Alfred, so you can paste it immediately.


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