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How to arrange predefined set of windows on the screen?


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Hello everyone,


I have a simple workflow which opens a predefined set of windows from different applications.


I use 3 monitors.


How can I make these windows to appear exactly where I want without manually adjusting every time e.g.


1st window - 1/3 of the 1st screen,

2nd window - 2/3 od 1st screen; 

3rd window - whole second (middle) screen

4th window - 1/2 of third screen

5th window - 1/2 of third screen


Could anyone help with this?

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Yes. Alfred is a launcher, not an application automation tool. Keyboard Maestro is designed for that kind of thing.


If you try to do it with Alfred, you’re typically going to have to do all the automation “by hand” with plain AppleScript and just use Alfred to run the script.

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