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new machine and install

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I am going to migrating to a new machine in January, but I will not be using apple’s migration assistant. I will be decommissioning my old machine in February. Is there anything i need to do to properly move my license to the new machine. Do I need to remove the license from the old machine?


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8 hours ago, sepulchra said:

Do I need to remove the license from the old machine?


That is recommended, yes. You can do so via Alfred Preferences → Powerpack → View your license key → Deactivate.

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7 minutes ago, M. Hope Aguilar said:

Where is the license key?  I just bought the power pack and have no license key!


Welcome @M. Hope Aguilar,


You should’ve gotten it via email. Check your spam folder. If it’s not there, contact @Vero or pick one of these methods.


In the future, please make a new forum post with your issue, instead of commenting on an unrelated one. It’s a coincidence a moderator was subscribed to this post; otherwise your plea might’ve gotten lost.


Have a nice day, hope the issue is solved soon.

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@M. Hope Aguilar I've responded to one of your emails to let you know that you misspelled your email address when purchasing your license. I'll reissue the license for you as soon as I'm back at my desk tomorrow as it's now past 10pm here in the UK. No need to worry, I'll correct the license for you first thing tomorrow.



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