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[SOLVED] Searching files managed by Box Drive

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Thanks, checking on Spotlight was informative. According to Box, the Spotlight and Finder searches do NOT index Box files, even ones that are set Available Offline, i.e., a copy exists on the local filesystem. Box users have requested a fix, but nothing (yet) from Box. https://community.box.com/t5/Box-Drive-Known-Issues-and/Mac-Specific-Known-Issues-for-Box-Drive/ta-p/37353

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Is it possible that Alfred can use the Dox Drive indexing, in the same way that it uses the Spotlight indexing? Apparently we can query Box Drive using cmd+ctrl+alt+space. It is not practical to do several searches... for files in disk and for files in external Box Drive. I understand that this is more like a Box issue, but maybe Alfred can help on this. I would be nice.

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