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Light-Font Discrepancy Between Appearance Editor & Actual


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Since updating to 3.7.1, the Search Text and Result Text font seem to be much lighter. After going into the Appearance Editor, I noticed the Search Text font was indeed set to System Light, so I changed it to just System and now it is back to normal.


The Result Text font however, is already set to System... The thickness of the font as it appears in the editor is also much thicker than it actually appears in Alfred's search box. I can set Result Text to System Light, and the actual search box font is evenlighter than it was before!


My theory is 3.7.1 introduced lighter fonts by default, but the Result Text font specifically didn't get set to System Light in the Appearance Editor. So now I am unable to change it back to System in order to thicken it...

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@illidian There have been no changes to Alfred's font rendering or themes (including font weight) in 3.7.1.


I've taken a look at this and it seems that this is a Mojave specific issue based on whether the main window has a transparent background or not. Alfred sets the window background to a special Apple "clear colour" so that the rendering can be done completely by itself. If I set the background to be black with an alpha value of 0.0001 (so basically invisible but not clear), the font rendering is essentially fixed.


This feels like a hack, and I've yet to be able to find any answers on Google or Apple's forum for this. I'll raise a DTS and see if there are any suggestions to force the font rendering to be as expected over a "clear" background.




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