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Hard drive failed but I can't find all my workflows

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Hi there, 

I had a motherboard fail in my MacBook Pro running Mojave. I've since bought a new MacBook Pro and repaired the old MacBook Pro. I'm doing a brand new clean install of Alfred on both machines and I've inputted my Powerpack license but none of my workflows are showing up. Where are workflows located on a MacBook's hard drive? Is there a way I can access them and upload them back into Alfred instead of recreating them all from scratch? I REALLY don't want to have to do that because if I did, I'm assuming I'd have to do that on both machines. 


Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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30 minutes ago, CheriLasota said:

Where are workflows located on a MacBook's hard drive?


First of all, most Alfred settings and other stuff, including workflows and snippets, are kept in a bundle called Alfred.alfredpreferences. It looks like a file, but it isn't. It's a folder, and all your workflows and snippets are in there.

Now, if you have sync turned on, your Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle will be in whichever sync folder you specified.

If you're not using sync, it's in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3.


Putting in your licence key just unlocks Alfred's premium features, including workflows. It is not connected in any way to which workflows you have.


Your workflows are no different from any other application settings or other data: if you're doing a clean install and not restoring from a backup, they're gone. If you are restoring from a backup, they should come back.


What did you do about all your other stuff?

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Thanks for the advice. I didn't even know where syncing was, so apparently I hadn't set that up yet. I'll have to recreate them, but now I've got sync running on both my Macs so I run into this issue again. I'm transferring some of my data over in pieces and parts, hoping to keep things as clean and organized and streamlined as possible. One machine will be dedicated to my 3D/Photoshop/Video work and the other will be for writing/research. 

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@CheriLasota Just in case Dean's reply wasn't clear enough, syncing isn't the only way to recover preferences.


If you have a Time Machine backup of your old Mac, you can locate the preferences in your user directory under

~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences


Quit Alfred, copy the entire Alfred.alfredpreferences to the same location on your new Mac, and restart Alfred to use these old preferences. :)



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