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Snippets not working after OS upgrade

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Are you running any other snippet-expansion software or other utilities that intercept or modify your keystrokes (e.g. Karabiner)?


In any case, logging out and back in or, better yet, rebooting is a good idea if you haven't tried that already. Sometimes, things just get weirdly messed up and the problem disappears after a reboot.


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@IloveComputers82 If rebooting doesn't resolve the issue, can you please try the text expansion in Text Edit (the simplest application possible) and let me know whether:


  1. When you type your keyword, does it disappear?
  2. If it disappears, do you hear an error beep when you expect the text to paste?
  3. Is your Cmd + V hotkey remapped in any way?

As @deanishe suggested, are you running any other text expansion apps or keyboard modifiers? Any of these could be interfering.



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Hi @Vero and @deanishe

I logged out/logged back in, and rebooted multiple times, and that did not work.


re: testing text expansion in Text Edit:

When I type the keyword, it doesn't disappear (but doesn't expand)

My command V is not Remapped.


I am not running any other text expansion apps or modifiers, although I should note that

A.  I have an external keyboard (Advantage Kinesis) but there's no software installed for it.

B. I previously ran Text Expander App, but it's not installed any longer.



Please let me know what you'd suggest next, thank you!

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14 minutes ago, IloveComputers82 said:

When I type the keyword, it doesn't disappear (but doesn't expand)


If the keyword doesn't disappear, then it's one of the following two things:

  • Either something is stopping Alfred from capturing key events, and therefore stops him from knowing you've even typed a relevant keyword
  • Or you haven't properly configured text expansion

It may be the latter, as you say you're not getting the red error message mentioned earlier in the thread.

  • Ensure that Alfred 3 is listed in the macOS preferences under Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility and that the box is checked. Ideally, go through the text expansion setup again in case something's missing or macOS is misbehaving.
  • Try creating a brand new snippet and see whether it expands
  • Try setting up a new user account temporarily to see if expansion works normally there

As this is a pretty straightforward setup, you might need to spend a bit of time doing your own troubleshooting, as you're the one who has set up your Mac and there may be customisation that don't come to mind in my suggestions.

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@IloveComputers82 As I explained in my earlier reply, this is a very straightforward feature to set up, and one we know works as expected on macOS Mojave, so you'll need to do some of your own troubleshooting.


Only you know exactly what applications, plugins etc are installed on your Mac, so you'll need to experiment to get to the bottom of why snippets may not be working on your Mac specifically.



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