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WRIKE WorkFlow Request [Donation]

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Dear All,


Happy new year - wish you a productive year! :)


We are looking for some help creating a Workflow for a project management software called WRIKE. 


WRIKE has an existing API (https://developers.wrike.com/)


Workflows could include : 


  • Task creation from Alfred
  • Task lookup from Alfred
  • Time losing on task from Alfred


We would be willing to make a donation if you could help us create something like this! 

Wrike is very similar to OmniFocus which already has a workflow. 


Tagging some users that could be interested in helping us. 

@Andrew @CapnAverage @rhyd @deanishe @rice.shawn @sterling @chrisbro @dfay @surrealroad 


Thanks ! 


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Can you be most specific regarding what you expect the workflow to do?


On 1/4/2019 at 1:28 PM, krooga said:

Wrike is very similar to OmniFocus which already has a workflow


What it does may be similar to OmniFocus, but the way it works isn't.


OF is a local application, while Wrike is a web service. That makes it somewhat more complex due to the need for OAuth authentication and—probably—a fair bit of caching to make the workflow fast.

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Thank you very much for your reply deanishe


My ideal workflow : 


Task Creation : 

wk search project/folder -> create task -> title -> assignee -> due date


Task Search

wk search tasks -> view tasks -> link to tasks in wrike


Task Time log

wk search tasks -> log minutes spent on task


Let me know what you think 


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Just now, deanishe said:

Yeah, that's fairly complex. Apart from the OAuth, the workflow would need to understand projects, folders, tasks, users, timelogs and dates.


When you say "help us create something like this", exactly how much help are you expecting?



Deanishe - actually i'm looking for a paid service, we unfortunately don't have any dev skills. 

How much would a workflow like this cost us ? 

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My team is also looking to hire a developer to create an Alfred workflow for Wrike. The expectation is simply to be able to create a task in Wrike using Alfred. Very happy to pay professional rate for the work.


Anyone interested and available?

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