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How do I get Alfred to find my 2019 file and forget 2018

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I have a file called WO 2019. I'm not using WO 2018 anymore, but this is the one that Alfred always suggests when I type "Open WO." It's a file I open almost daily and I thought maybe I had to "train" it to know what I'm looking for, but we're eight days in to the New Year and it still doesn't recognize the file. 


Is there something I can do to get Alfred to forget WO 2018 and turn its attention to WO 2019?





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@Chip Alfred learns from your usage, so if you've opened the 2018 file for an entire year and have only just created the 2019 file, it's likely still thinking you're more interested in the old one. :)


First, go to Alfred's preferences > Advanced > Learning and ensure that the box next to "Top Result Keyword Latching" is checked. Next, select the 2019 file a few times.


Alfred should now latch to the new file for you :) If it still doesn't, there may be some corruption in the Knowledge file, so to back to the same preferences location and click "Clear Knowledge". You can then select the 2019 file a couple of times to start teaching Alfred again.



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