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Yeoman generator to create python workflows

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I know! Not technically a workflow but I thought I'd come here to show it off anyway. 


One of the frustrating things about any development project is the initial setup.  That's where Yeoman comes in.  It is a code scaffolding tool most regularly used to make java/frontend applications, but it is conveniently easy enough to make anything... like the basic structure of an Alfred workflow.  I have not personally written a workflow in python, but I thought this could be useful to a lot more people than my crystal Alfred library (weird_al shameless plug!).  So without further ado, here is my generator-alfred-python.


Just make a blank workflow and go to it in the terminal.






then pick a name for your workflow:




and voila!




you have start of a successful Alfred workflow. 




To see more, check out the project here.


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