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[SOLVED] Could anyone take a stab at modifying this random file picker workflow to support subfolders?

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A while back, a user named Claui created a workflow for me that randomly selects a specified number of files from one folder and copies them into another. I would be so grateful if anyone could make this work with subfolders.


That is, say I have a folder called Folder. It's got subfolders called 1, 2, and 3. Each of those has files called 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, etc. This workflow, when pointed at "Folder" would ideally choose randomly from files in all of the subfolders, so it might choose 1a and 3b.


Here is the GitHub link for Claui's version: https://github.com/claui/alfred-random_file_picker


I know some of you will remember this request from before, and I apologize if it's annoying. It's just that this would make my workflow unbelievably more efficient, and I have no idea how to do it myself. 


Thanks for taking the time.

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I understand that you really want this, @sr_navarre, but please stop creating multiple posts for this. It’s at least the third time you request this, not counting the original request for the Workflow.


Forum regulars don’t change much, especially not the ones that create Workflows for others. So asking over and over is unlikely to yield a different result. We are willing to help you, but as mentioned in the second linked post, you have to work with us. Ask Claudia first. You said you would, but it seems you haven’t (unless you’ve contacted her privately, in which case you also have to let us know that). From my interactions with her in the open-source world (we’re maintainers in the same project), she’s both capable and nice. If she says she can’t do it (time commitments, for example), we’ll be able to help you, but please ask her first, as she’ll know best, having created part of it already.


Furthermore, with this post you haven’t addressed the questions required to fully understand your problem as you were supposed to.


By asking us to recreate this from scratch, without asking the original creator or giving the requested details, you’re not being mindful of our time. When asking for something for free, being heedful of the helper’s time is important.


I’ll lock this in favour of this post. When you have new details, please post there. Posting a new reply brings the post to the top, there’s never a need to create duplicates.


Thank you for understanding.

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