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[SOLVED] Fuzzy matching on Workflow keywords - Am I missing something?

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Hi all,


    I've been enjoying creating workflows quite a bit, but I have a question. I have two Workflows that maximize the frontmost window vertically or horizontally. Their keyword Inputs are set to "maximize vertically" and "maximize horizontally", but this means that I have to type "maxim", the two of them show up and then I have to pick the right one. I would rather type "vert" or "horiz" and just hit enter. But it seems that Alfred doesn't do fuzzy matching on keyword Inputs. Am I right? Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?


Thanks a bunch!



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You’re right: Alfred expects keywords to be entered exactly.


“Maximise Vertically” is a good title, but not a good keyword. Try something like “maxv” and “maxh”, or “vmax” and “hmax”.

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