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Ability to Duplicate Web Searches

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I use the web searches a lot and sometimes there are variations of things so I create multiple of similar entries.

I find myself doing this every so often and it's a bit tedious to manually copy and paste the icon and all the other fields.

Maybe we could get a "Right Click + Duplicate"?

That'd be great.

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As I said, it's a workaround since it does not copy everything but misses the icon.

A clean solution would be a proper implementation without a workaround.


I understand that it's probably not the highest on the list of development requests. I'm just saying I would prefer a clean interface integration that others can use easily without searching or wasting time researching (or doing it manually).

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@Chris Spiegl Create a workflow with an overall icon for the whole workflow, then add various Keyword > Web Search object pairs?


Then you can copy/paste your object pairs and retain the icon, plus it gives you flexibility in how you want the particular search to operate (e.g. if one benefits from being opened in an alternative browser, etc)



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Hi Vero & Others,


thank you for all the workarounds. I am good. It's not a pressing issue. If it's not going to happen, let's just close this thread.

I just think that it would be great for the simplicity of Alfred to have a duplicate button in the web search list.


Overall, I just like to make suggestions of UX or feature ideas that I have for a better user experience.


That's all.




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