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Snippets stopped working in Mojave

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36 minutes ago, Vero said:

Could you please go through the steps to reset permissions? Launch Alfred's preferences to the General tab > Request Permissions > Accessibility. In this System preferences panel, remove Alfred from the Accessibility permissions if he was already there, then add him again.


Done. I've quit and started Alfred again. (I have not logged out nor rebooted my computer.)


The snippet still does not paste.


36 minutes ago, Vero said:

- When you type your snippet, does it disappear?

No EDIT: Hmm... not sure I understand this question. This might be a Yes. 

36 minutes ago, Vero said:

- Do you hear an error beep?


36 minutes ago, Vero said:

- What app/website are you pasting into? Does it work in TextEdit?

Some examples: Things, Google Chrome. I tried TextEdit too, snippet is not pasted.

36 minutes ago, Vero said:

- What is your snippet keyword? Are you definitely typing the right one?

It is: date

Yes, I am.

I've tried other snippets too, none of them paste.

36 minutes ago, Vero said:

Is the auto-expansion feature enabled? Is the box checked for the specific snippet you want to paste?

No, not enabled.

I tried with it enabled too (and box checked), same thing, snippet is not pasted.


I will actually start using the auto-expansion feature now, I switched to it after last reply here. I hadn't tried it before, but having the snippet auto expand works and seems convenient (I'll adjust my snippet keyword to start with ! or something, so it won't interfere with regular words I want to type)

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@dentarg I assumed you were using the Text Expansion snippets feature, but it sounds like you were either using the Snippets Viewer, or the snip keyword? Text expansion is by far the most efficient way to use snippets :)


If you're still having issues with either of those, let me know exactly how you were using it and I'll help you out...



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