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[SOLVED] Alfred not in Automation settings

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My snippets and hotkeys suddenly stopped working today.  I read through some troubleshooting on snippets and I think this is because Alfred is not in the Automation section of Security & Privacy settings.  I am running the latest version of Alfred and have Mojave OS.  I tried dragging Alfred from Finder to the Automation section, but it just bounces back and won't add it.  I can't find a button to be able to add programs, either.  I also tried restarting the computer.  What else can I do to get snippets and hotkeys working again?

automation settings.png

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@Rebecca if you could update to the latest 3.8 pre-release and let me know how you get on.


Note: macOS will request access when Alfred needs access to these things. Alfred should be in the "Accessibility" section for Snippet Expansion.




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