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Terminal integration stopped working with the latest update

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Hey all!  Alfred 3.8, MacOS 10.14- the Alfred 3.8 update has killed my terminal integration.  Whenever I >cmd my terminal no longer loads.  I have verified that all the accessibility/security/automation settings are configured for Alfred, and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this issue.  Can you provide any guidance?  

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@onewheelskyward are you on the general release of 3.8 (build 959)? If not, update to this and things should work.


If still not working, and if Finder and Terminal are selected in the Automation settings, then try restarting your Mac. In one of the 3.8 pre-releases, I had updated to Xcode 10 without adding the required NSAppleEventsUsageDescription for automation, so if you updated through that pre-release, it may have confused your Mac.




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Ok updating here- a reboot indeed solved it.  Then I sold that machine to a friend.  I had the same issue on another mac, this time on 10.12.something, and a reboot solved that too.  Neither of them were on the pre-release schedule, so it was probably an xcode update that borked it.  In any event, turning it off and back on seems to be the solution.   thanks again!  :) 



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