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Disable mouse on search window when a key is pressed

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I'm using BTT to map Ctrl+J and Ctrl+K to up/down arrow keys and also my control is now mapped to caps lock using Karabiner elements. So this way when I'm typing in the search filed of Alfred I can easily hold caps lock + J or K to move up and down on search results without having to use arrow keys that are kinda farther from where my hands are. This does work in Alfred unless the mouse cursor is not inside the Alfred window otherwise mouse cursor will override my arrow key movements and after releasing any keys, selection will jump back immediately to where the mouse cursor is. I know mouse cursor is not intervening with the normal arrow keys but is there any way to disable the mouse when any key is pressed? Or at least mouse position should be ignored if any key is pressed right?

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@reviolito Alfred does ignore the mouse, unless there's a mouse event. With your combination of Better Touch Tool and Karabiner, it may be that one of the two apps is sending a mouse event, even if it's not visually perceptible. I would suggest either fully quitting those apps (and any app helpers they may be running in the background) or testing on a new user account where those two apps aren't in use.


Alfred can't fully ignore mouse events, as a user will often type something then use the mouse to select a result from the list.


In case you weren't aware, you can use Ctrl + N or Ctrl + P to navigate up and down Alfred's results if you don't want to use the arrow keys or Cmd + item number to select a result. :)





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I'd love an option to disable the mouse entirely, because I have a flimsy keyboard tray that is at an angle, and typing or "arrowing" around can move the mouse slightly which changes the selection.


Happens a lot when I'm using the Clipboard to paste text from my history, and it's frustrating. 

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