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[SOLVED] Not working in Mojave?

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Just upgraded to Mojave 10.14 (18A391).  Just downloaded the most recent Alfred 3, 3_8_959.  Followed the instructions about giving Alfred access from https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/macos-mojave/.  


But I cannot figure out how to query Alfred.  I can tell that I'm running Alfred because it shows up as a running process:

/V/b/D/alfred$ ps auxw | grep -i alfred

jbent             1782   0.0  0.2  4870044  25732   ??  S     8:28AM   0:00.29 /Applications/Alfred 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Alfred 3 -psn_0_483446


There is no bowler top hat in my menu bar nor in my dock.  The keystroke that I used before upgrading to Mojave (alt-space) is no longer working.  Any suggestions?  Please help.  I miss Alfred!!




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open /Applications/Alfred\ 3.app/Contents/Preferences/Alfred\ Preferences.app


That will open the Alfred Preferences app. There you’ll be able to change the shortcut, reactivate the menubar icon, and try to find out why it isn’t showing.

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I apologize.  That was a total newbie error on my part.   That suggestion was great by the way and helped.  But ultimately I just needed to reboot.  It was a bit surprising because the machine had _just_ rebooted in order to install Mojave so I didn't consider that it might need a _second_ reboot.  But it did.  And now Alfred works again!

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