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[SOLVED] Update not sticking, keeps forcing me to update to 3.8 again and again.

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For the last few days, my main desktop won't seem to stay upgraded to 3.8.


I get the alert there's an update, download it, run it, password input, then a second or two later it seems to want me to upgrade again.


I grabbed a video of it happening, which you can see here: https://take.ms/YZn66 I've done this maybe 20 times in the last few days.


My other two machines upgraded fine, so I'm sure it's something specific to this machine, I just don't know what to look for.

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Instead of upgrading through the built-in updater, have you tried downloading Alfred from the website and overwriting your current install?

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That seems to have worked.


The version in /Applications showed as damaged when I tried to overwrite it, which could explain why the update wasn't working.


Once I deleted it and copied it over from the .dmg, all appears well again. Thanks Vitor!

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