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[SOLVED] Antialiasing appears to be inconsistent in 3.8

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Antialiasing looks like its off in several places in the latest version. Both the input text and non-highlighted results don't look antialiased, but the highlighted result does look antialiased.




If it's helpful to know, I do have the "Reduced transparency" feature enabled in the Accessibility Preferences and I am using a non-Retina screen.


Alfred: v3.8 [959]

macOS: 10.14.3 (18D109)

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Hi @pe8ter and welcome to the forum :)


Could you share a bit more info about your Mac's setup?


- Which Mac are you using?
- What is your screen(s) setup? What is your primary screen (built-in or not, Apple or not, retina or not, etc), and secondary screen if relevant?
- Do you see the issue on one/both screens?
- If there's anything else unique or tweaked about your setup, custom display settings, etc, please let me know. 


And finally, could you please try creating a second user account on your Mac temporarily? This will allow us to establish whether the issue is specific to your primary profile or a broader issue.



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I logged out, then back in, and the problem went away. I could still answer the questions if you'd like, but I don't know if there's a point anymore.

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