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find/open not showing folders in Home folder

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When I enter "find bob" or "open bob" in Alfred it shows me other files & folders with "bob" in the name but it doesn't show me "bob.txt" in the home (~) folder.  Same with other files, but folders in ~ show up.   AFAICT it has everything except files in ~.  The "include folder in Home" box is checked.   


Not critical, just happened to notice and find it odd.  



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@Awfki Your best bet is to first reindex by going to Alfred's Advanced prefs and clicking "Rebuild macOS metadata". It can take up to an hour and resolves most issues relating to indexing.


If the issue persists, could you please download the Metadata tool and drag in some of the files you're having issues with? Pop the results in your reply.



And finally, could you provide screenshots of your Default Results and File Search preferences?



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