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At first glance it seems like the iOS app is a mobile version of Alfred but I see now that it's just a remote control for your computer which is cool but...


I would love a way to access all my Snippets and Clipboard history on my iPhone for use on the iPhone when needed.

Is this possible? 

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17 hours ago, MRMJP said:

Is this possible? 


Kind of.


For snippets, you’d either have to convert them to Apple’s Text Replacements (limitations with this approach) or add a new Keyboard (like TextExpander does/did). For the Clipboard History, it could do it like Clips.


For what it’s worth, I’m against adding these features. Alfred’s team is small (two people, one developer), and I’d rather time be spent on the macOS app.

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Thanks. I'll look into this once I get to using Alfred more but my main goal here is to keep a collection of links to articles I wrote, and then have a quick way to copy the links and paste them into an email, FB post etc.


I was using Copied App as a clipboard manager but that started getting weird and losing my lists. But the nice thing was that it had a Mac and iOS version so all my stuff was handy and in sync.

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