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Alfred vs. Spotlight results

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Hi...I am new to Alfred and I am loving it! However, I have noticed a difference in search results for a keyword within files on my Mac where Spotlight is showing more comprehensive results, and I am wondering if there is a way to fix this in Alfred. Here is an example:


  1. I search for a keyword such as "dog."
    1. In Spotlight, I am shown files that both have "dog" in the filename as well as files that have "dog" within the text of the file (and not in the filename).
    2. In Alfred, if I have to complete 2 different searches to get the same 2 sets of results
      1. find dog: this gives me the files with "dog" in the filename
      2. in dog: this gives me the files with "dog" the body of the text


Is there a way to do a search for a keyword within Alfred that will show me both types of results?



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You can do it by checking a bunch of the boxes in Preferences > Features > Default Results.  But I don’t recommend it — see 


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