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Roman Numeral Converter

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Roman Numeral Converter

Convert between roman numerals and arabic integers



  1. To download, visit the latest release at GitHub.
  2. All further updates are handled automatically.



This is a fairly simple workflow for converting between roman numerals and arabic integers. This has been made before by Tyler Eich (Packal link), but hasn't been updated since 2015 and stopped working on my computer during an Alfred or macOS update (can't remember which). But I had an use case for this, and therefore I made a new version written in Python for this simple task.


In Alfred, type rn and enter either your roman numeral or arabic integer. Selected result is copied to your clipboard. 





The expression is being evaluated as you type it. If the expression cannot be evaluated, for example if you are using illegal characters, user will be notified about that. 




The workflow doesn't support incorrectly written roman numerals, i.e. "IC", and will also notify user about this:




The workflow makes use of the following code to focus on the implementation of the conversion between the number systems rather than focusing on a lot of Alfred Workflow related stuff.

  1. OneUpdater to easily check for updates by vitorgalvao.
  2. Alfred Workflow Feedback XML Generation to easily add items by lrrfantasy.



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1 hour ago, deanishe said:


FYI, XML feedback has been deprecated for quite some time now. You should generally use JSON in new workflows. Not least because it's easy to do without needing any libraries.


Okay, I didn't know that - thanks for letting me know! :)

The workflow is now updated to use JSON. I'll agree with you, that is much cleaner.

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