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Losing registration after upgrade

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So, I updated 3 my macs to the latest 3.8 version. 2 out of the three lost registration. Is this normal? It has happened before, but not with every update.

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@Prabhu Welcome to the forum. Preferences are not touched during updates, and your Powerpack should certainly not be deactivated.


When you say that two of your Macs "lost registration", do you mean your Powerpack was deactivated in the Powerpack tab? Or that your customised preferences were no longer found?


Could you please provide more details to the questions below:

  • Do you use any "App cleaners" like CleanMyMac, etc? 
  • Do you sync your preferences? If so, what service are you using for syncing?
  • Do you use Time Machine to backup your Mac?
  • Which version of macOS and Alfred are you using?


I'll then be able to provide more details on recovering your preferences or reactivating. :) 



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