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"Selection in macOS" as a Workflow Action?

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I often want to get a selection from the current app to pass as argv to a script. Using the [hotkey] trigger this is trivial, but I normally want to be able to use both a [hotkey] and/or a [keyword]. Now the issue is [keyword] as an input does not support passing a "Selection in macOS" argument. The way I currently handle this is [keyword] triggers a script action Applescript to copy the selection (system events) to the clipboard then have two scripts, one that handles stdin via [hotkey] and one that uses the clipboard from [keyword]. But this seems a bit fussy (and fills up the clipboard in one but not the other trigger). I also sometimes use [hotkey] to also trigger an applescript>clipboard then have a unified script but we still are using the clipboard when we don't really have to. If we had a new dedicated [action] which simply passed the current selection to the next block it would elegantly solve this (my [keyword] would then trigger this new [action] to pass into a single argv script).


I know this is fairly minor and there are workarounds and perhaps I'm missing a better way to do all this, but if not please consider adding this action, thank you! 

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