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Building (or Compiling) Workflows from code (found on Github)

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Is there functionality I'm not seeing in Alfred to build or compile Workflows?


For example, I found this repo: https://github.com/surrealroad/alfred-notes


There isn't a .alfredworkflow but even if there was; what would I do build the the workflow from that code?

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4 hours ago, petty said:

There isn't a .alfredworkflow


Sure there is. You're only supposed to keep source code in git repos. On GitHub (and similar sites), the compiled/built program belongs under Releases.


All the same, there should be a download link in the README. Not everyone knows how git/GitHub works.


4 hours ago, petty said:

Is there functionality I'm not seeing in Alfred to build or compile Workflows?


Apart from the Export… function, which zips up a workflow into an .alfredworkflow file, no there isn't. It wouldn't make any sense because Alfred is language agnostic. A workflow can be any UNIX-like program written in just about any language.


Also, most workflows don't need compiling. With the one you posted, for example, you can also simply download the repo to a subdirectory of Alfred's workflow folder to install it.

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